Ch.81 - Taturang (16)
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Korean 81화 타트랑 16
Season 1
Chapter 81
Release Date July 03, 2013
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Ch.80 - Taturang (15)
Ch.82 - Taturang (17)


Reana saves the Akooms from falling rubble with the use of the Dragon pearl. She does not understand why they do not want to be saved but hopes they will choose to live. After she leaves, the Akoom elder realises that she is Riyenas. He ponders if the Darkness that once brought an end to Akoom race has returned. He says that it will be necessary for Reana to choose between being Riyenas or Human. Meanwhile, Reana returns to Kairak. Although he already reached his limits, he offers Reana help to save the human. Didan objects to that, saying that Dragons must never interfere humans’ actions.


Characters in Order of Appearance
Reana Forté • DarkKairak • Reihart Frihanov Cantaré • DidanReana Forté • DarkKairak • Reihart Frihanov Cantaré • Didan

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