Ch.79 - Taturang (14)
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Korean 79화 타트랑 14
Season 1
Chapter 79
Release Date June 19, 2013
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Ch.78 - Taturang (13)
Ch.80 - Taturang (15)


Kairak's condition worsens and Didan explains to Reana that it is caused by the level of malevolence, in this case sadness and despair, of "the world" (the mutated human). She still chooses to use purification although it would drain a large amount of her life force. Didan is taken back by her selflessness and remembers an unknown person whom he had killed in the past. He does not understand why he cares about Reana's well-being as she is just a mere human. As she is about to purify the monster, Didan tells her that she can only purify when Kairak has a clear state of mind. The chapter ends with an appearance of Dark in an Akoom's cell. 


Characters in Order of Appearance
Reana FortéKairakDidanUnknown WomanReihart Frihanov CantaréDarkReana FortéKairakDidanUnknown WomanReihart Frihanov CantaréDark

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