Ch.56 - Labyrinth of Terre (16)
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Korean 56화 테레의 미궁 16
Season 1
Chapter 56
Release Date December 26, 2012
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Ch.55 - Labyrinth of Terre (15)
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At the start Reana and Kairak are still clinging to eachother. Reana's legs have given out from stress and relief now that Kairak and Didan are safe.

Reana stands and notices a dragon pearl fragment on the ground. Didan immediately yells at her to not touch it. Apparently it is unsafe for two dragon pearl parts to be handled by one human. However, Didan mentions that Kairak could safely take the fragment as a grown adult.

Reana wonders what kind of bad things could have happened if the two pearls had come in contact with eachother. She quickly goes quiet and switches to another topic.

Also Didan says it was the presence of Mu-nyaks orb fragment that was making this labyrinth site so dangerous. The group prepares to leave the dangerous item behind in the ruins.

However a voice calls out to them. It is the spirit fragment of Mu-nyak who tells them its fine for her to go with them. She greets Reana as "the Riyenas".

Reana takes out her weapon but relaxes as everyone notices this spirit is no longer acting unhinged. The spirit says it is a part of Mu-nyak split into two personalities. One, Munee, is calm and wants to return to Mu-nyaks body. However, over time half of this spirit has degenerated into Muyang. This darker half of the spirit could turn Mu-nyaks spirit into a parasite (like the one who killed Roy).

Reana asks why a spirit would need to come with them.

Munee basically says it is because elder Kairak can return her safely to Mu-nyak, preventing the creation of a life stealing monster.

Munee then begins to talk about how the fate of a dragon is set from the moment they meet their Riyenas. She asks if Reana has has any visions of the future.

Reana thinks for a moment and falls into a quick panic as she remembers the bloody vision of someone shrouded in darkness. She looks at Kairak, who stands quietly waiting to leave the ruin. Beside him lurks the figure of the smiling, bloody man. Reana dwells on this quickly, thinking that she only wanted him to mature and safely go home.

While not knowing what Reana is thinking Munee continues talking, pleased that Reana has had a proper vision that guarantees Kairaks power.

Munee tells Reana to bring her or she will soon turn into a parasite. Reana wants to stop parasites and asks if other parasites exist. Munee says she does not know.

Since Reana can not hold Munee Bero becomes her host. Munee sleeps inside her new container and says she will wake if important things happen.

Reana notes that Kairak grew taller and that his hair got longer before she starts making plans to get out of the ruin. The pair leave hand in hand.

Upstairs guardians still rage.

Karin and Straubin face off and Karin falls to the ground as the upper floors shake. Straubin says he must eliminate Karin for the sake of the kingdom.


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