Ch.41 - Labyrinth of Terre (1)
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Korean 41화 테레의 미궁 1
Season 1
Chapter 41
Release Date September 12, 2012
Original NAVER
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Ch.40 - Ralton
Ch.42 - Labyrinth of Terre (2)

Summary Edit

Kairak, Reana, Karin and Ise are on their way to the Labyrinth of Terre while Karin talks about Lady Munyak, Kairak's mother. On their way the vehicle breaks down to only find some young mirage beast called vero living inside. One of the vero's think as Reana as it's home and so Reana made a new a friend. Karin was about to tell Reana something about the Riyenas when Didan interrupts Karin stating that they should keep moving. Karin says that she doesn't trust a man who hides himself until he has something to say. Reana is also curious to why Didan is not showing himself around Karin and Ise.


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IseKarinKairakReana FortéDidanWest StravinIseKarinKairakReana FortéDidanWest Stravin