Ch.40 - Ralton
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Korean 40화 랄튼
Season 1
Chapter 40
Release Date September 5, 2012
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Ch.39 - Forest of Blue Mirage Beasts (END)
Ch.41 - Labyrinth of Terre (1)

Summary Edit

This chapter is about Ralton after the events of the previous chapters. Here he tries to go into an army base, but is unable to do so.

He is attacked after he demands that the knights return Hick to him.

Ralton is then given money in exchange for Hick not because Ralton had sold him, but because Hick had been killed by knights questioning him. The money was compensation for killing a "slave".

The knights had wanted information on the Mirage Beasts and the Dragon.

Ralton had only come to peacefully get Hick from the authorities and as he walks away, aware of what happened, he remembers the stories Hick used to tell him as a child.


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