Ch.31 - Forest of Blue Mirage Beasts (13)
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Korean 31화 푸른 환수의 숲 13
Season 1
Chapter 31
Release Date July 4, 2012
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This chapter starts back in Reanas home territory where a government official is torturing the areas lord. He has the lord in the underground prison of his own castle. The official threatens to destroy the lords castle and kill him if the lord does not explain why reports of the dragon were not sent to the capital. The lord admits that prince Leehalt took the reports and is now in pursuit of the dragon.

The lord begins to beg, saying that there was nothing he could do to stop the prince from hiding the information. The prince is his superior and had an army of knights after all.

The official is displeased and destroys the castle. The lord screams loudly as the building falls around him.

The official is angry that the prince got away and has a head start on the government in the search for the dragon. The official wishes he had killed Leehalt when he was younger and less powerful and thinks about going to kill Leehalt now.

The official decides not to because hunting the Riyenas down is more important. The King needs a Dragon Pearl after all. The official remembers another dragon who is gone now.

The official is frustrated because none of the villagers can remember anything about the dragon. All their minds have been wiped.

The official is aware that the dragon is headed west and considers putting out a warrant for Reanas arrest but does not because he needs to lure them out.

The official is aware that Kairaks mother is Mu nyak, the dragon of the earth. He tells the petrified lord to inspect all travelers that pass through. The lord shudders and agrees.

The page cuts to Kairak being lectured by Ralton. Ralton tells Kairak to give Reana more personal space at night because she is a lady. To Raltons shock Kairak jumps out the window to chase down Reana, who was sneaking of into the night to talk to Karin about finding the parasite who killed her dad.

Kairak grabs Reanas arm and Didan scolds her. Kairak stares at Reana and waits for her to explain where she is going. He gets no answer and instead Ralton appears. Reana says she has to go meet Karin now.

She tells Kairak to wait with Ralton until she comes back.

Didan follows Reana as she wonders why she did not just tell Kairak earlier about what she planned to do. She thinks about how her chest hurt for some reason as she left.

Didan tells Reana that Karin would have to follow her orders when they meet, because Reana is Riyenas. However Didan is only interested in making sure that Karin does not take Reanas place as Riyenas.

He fears that since the Hunters are Riyenas traditionally that there is a chance that Karin could take the Dragon Pearl from Reana. Didan yells at Reana, telling her to dominate Karin at the meeting.

Reana arrives at the top of the mountain stairs where Karin is waiting for her.


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