Ch.18 - Kairak
Chapter Information
Korean 카이락
Season 1
Chapter 18
Release Date April 5, 2012
Original NAVER
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Ch.17 - Riyenas (17)
Ch.19 - Forest of Blue Mirage Beasts (1)


This chapter involves the little dragons first years of life and eventually meeting Reana. Since it is read from Kairaks point of view the reader can clearly see how different dragons are from humans. The implications of Kairaks strong feelings are also confirmed here. He thinks his only wish is to be with Reana and says she owns his life. This chapter adds depth to the silent male lead and is the season 1 finale.



Characters in Order of Appearance
KairakDidanUnknown ContractorReana FortéRoy FortéKairakDidanUnknown ContractorReana FortéRoy Forté

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