Karinicon "It seems we have an intruder, Mugi. I think discipline and a slave collar should do."
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Ch.159 - Yusladipol Harbor (END)
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Korean 159화 항구 유스라디플 END
Season 2
Chapter 159
Release Date April 15, 2015
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Ch.158 - Yusladipol Harbor (23)
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The Salmaks, now cautious of a powerful human Contractor, hide inside the Brunhart warehouse and wait to enter the flying ship. Although Tagi's human body is shown to be in a critical state, his colleagues only mock him for being weak.

An announcement is made of Reihart’s engagement to Reana (a commoner), though it is a façade to cover the sex collar scandal. Both Reana and Reihart are dressed in formal attire for the public speech with many photographers and reporters present. As people are seen discussing whether the nobles will allow the wedding to happen, Reana stoically reassures Reihart that his succession to the throne will have no faults since their marriage will never happen. Unbeknownst to her, he looks at her with a hurt expression.

Days later, the Brunhart is finally complete and ascends toward Itir. Reana is seen seated somewhere in the ship, eager to fix the catastrophes.

At the same time at the Wailing Canyons, Captain Lupenin wakes up in a tent to find Eren beside him and is then greeted outside by King Pahel.


  • The mansion first seen in the chapter where Reihart and Reana change into their outfits and where the media takes their photographs is owned by the royal Frihanov family.
  • Reihart's and Reana's tale becomes ‘the most famous love story in the world’ (whether it refers to their current predicament or near future is unknown).
  • The flying ship Brunhart takes flight on its first voyage on the new year of 1071 (Empire year); 71 (Kingdom year).
  • Future contents state that Reihart becomes the first prince to have a commoner as a fiancée.  Though it does not disclose as to what happens to them later on and question why she travelled with him in the Brunhart, it describes of how their story is still widely talked about by many in the future.
  • This chapter is the last in Season 2's Episode 8.


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