Karinicon "It seems we have an intruder, Mugi. I think discipline and a slave collar should do."
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Ch.158 - Yusladipol Harbor (23)
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Korean 158화 항구 유스라디플 23
Season 2
Chapter 158
Release Date April 08, 2015
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Ch.157 - Yusladipol Harbor (22)
Ch.159 - Yusladipol Harbor (END)


Reihart tries to convince the nobles of contributing to his 'Project Titan' however he is interrupted by a lord about his 'sexual affair' with Reana as a slave. A scandal has suddenly broken out to the public of the prince being involved previously with a sex slave (Reana's name mentioned in the papers) back in Dorton during the autumn season.

Both Ralton and Reihart are in a private room discussing the matter—Ralton is furious of the accusations on Reana and wants to investigate who created the rumors, however Reihart tells him not to due to lack of time. Reihart discloses to Ralton that the nobles will only give their support for his ‘Project Titan’ on one condition: Reana does not board the Brunhart ship. Ralton, still riled up by the public harassment, tells Reihart that the allegations are not directly targeting the prince’s image, but is actually damaging Reana’s since it will forever follow her for the rest of her life.

Enga then barges into the private office and claims that she has a solution: to use love. Since there have been witnesses of Reana wearing a royal sex slave collar and that both Reihart and Reana have constantly been seen with each other, they'll use those factors and twist it into a love story: Reana was previously abducted by illegal slave traders and was forced to wear a slave collar, only to be miraculously found by Prince Reihart himself. After hearing Reana's story, he takes her with him and searches for Professor Luna to validate her identity. Once Professor Luna confirms Reana is her daughter, Reihart feels regret and pity for her. Their time spent together during and after then grew into mutual love.

Though Ralton finds her idea ridiculous, Reihart surprisingly agrees to use such a plan, though he makes clear that they need Reana’s consent; Reana unexpectedly does agree to it. Enga notes of how the both of them are "surprisingly close" like the rumors have said they were, much to Ralton's chagrin. She then calls for a public announcement to be made.


  • The 'plan' that Lily and Tuli Dorton devised from the previous chapter was to expose the sex slave collar Reana wore back in Dorton.


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