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Ch.156 - Yusladipol Harbor (21)
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Korean 156화 항구 유스라디플 21
Season 2
Chapter 156
Release Date March 25, 2015
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Ch.155 - Yusladipol Harbor (20)
Ch.157 - Yusladipol Harbor (22)


In the Blue Void chambers (now black), an adult Kairak fails again to command a spell. He utters something before the space is engulfed in black chains.

In Yusladipol Harbor, Reihart's attack encases Reana and alters her figure into an ethereal appearance. She touches the giant and has visions of the Urum cubs in Itir, concluding that they are being held as hostages. She promises the Urum that she will free the newborns before the light surrounding her glows brighter.

Kamu easily kills a Dragon Knight and orders a retreat since he is now aware of a powerful human Contractor (Reihart) with an unusual named Dragon Artifact. He thinks of travelling back to Itir to gather information as he speculates Kairak may have been involved with the said Dragon Artifact, however his thoughts are interrupted by a sudden flash of light nearby.

Evacuation of citizens is still taking place with news flying fast of eyewitnesses seeing Reihart defeating the stone giants. Ralton, guiding the citizens to shelter, still believes that Reihart is purposely making a scene. A bright light flashing nearby catches everyone's attention.

The ball of light, revealing to be an unconscious Reana (now normal), slowly descends to an empty area. Reihart sprints toward her direction and catches Reana seconds before her body hits the ground. He quickly notices her breathing has stopped. A panoramic view of the scenario obscurely shows Reihart rescucitating Reana; the weather has begun to clear; and a cliff resembling the Imugis' Connecting Circle is seen nearby.


  • It is speculated that in the last scene (since it was only shown at an angle from a far distance), Reihart is trying to breathe aura into Reana via mouth.

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