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Ch.146 - Yusladipol Harbor (11)
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Korean 146화 항구 유스라디플 11
Season 2
Chapter 146
Release Date January 14, 2015
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In a private room, Reihart has Reana test her lockpicking skills to solve advanced locks in under a minute; since Reihart is going to participate in the rescue operation, Reana has to go with him since they both have to be in close proximity. Reana can only join the operation if her skills aren't time-consuming.

As she finishes, Reana asks Reihart if he was the one who planned the assassinations of the king's previous wives. Reihart denies the accusation and gives an apathetic explanation of how the third and fourth queens both coincidently died in freak carriage accidents. The fifth queen (Elise's mother) believed that she, too, will die a horrible death. The stress caused her a mental breakdown and turned her hair white, which is why Elise mistook Reana as her mother (the fifth queen died when Elise was still a toddler and was only told of what her mother used to look like).

As Reihart tries to change the topic, Reana bitterly criticizes Reihart for being uncareful for his family, shouting at him that "even the Mirage Beasts have warmer blood" than him. Her aggressive behavior exudes too much energy for Reana and has trouble breathing. Reihart goes by her side to check on her health and tells her not to exert herself too much but Reana swaps his hand away and demands to continue the subject. Without warning, Kaneta disrupts their conversation and tells the prince that the information he had requested is ready for him to analyze.

As Reihart overlooks the information (Reana now elsewhere), Kaneta questions the prince who Reana is; rumors have already spread among the soldiers of the prince appearing out of nowhere with an unknown woman. He tells the officer of giving the details only after the operation. Kaneta compares Reana to Reihart's late mother—kind and affectionate.

In another place at the Elias' estate location in the port city, Ralton, now looking healthier and mature, is helping the impoverished by providing with food and shelter. He is visited by Reihart's recon group along with Reana. Ralton immediately talks to Reana on the spot, telling her how happy he is that she survived in the snowstorm. Reihart interrupts Ralton and asks to have a conversation with him.

In a private room, Reihart asks to use the Elias' secret underground passage in order to gain entry to the Forty-Two Warehouses.

Before Ralton answers, he asks the prince another important matter—does he intend to reign the kingdom and be its king? With King Pahel now missing and the kingdom in complete anarchy from the recent disasters over the past year, the country needs a leader more than ever to guide the citizens from chaos. The chapter ends before Reihart gives his answer.


  • Ralton reappears from Episode 7.


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