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Ch.145 - Yusladipol Harbor (10)
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Korean 145화 항구 유스라디플 10
Season 2
Chapter 145
Release Date January 07, 2015
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Head General Brac Laiden, Captain Lupenin's father, greets Reihart in his office, mentioning how glad he is that the prince is safe since he (Reihart) and the king have gone missing for quite some time; he asks pardon for welcoming Reihart on a chair with lame legs. Reihart believes he is pretending to have a frail health since he remembers Brac Laiden as physically the strongest among the Three Retainer Families' heads despite being the only retainer not accepting eternal youth from the king. Reihart, wanting to gain the veteran's trust, bluntly tells the general for the creation of the Brunhart airship. Laiden erroneously assumes that the prince wants to escape his own country with the airship, but Reihart corrects him saying that the airship—a titanic ship that, in theory, can use Dragon Artifacts to take flight—is needed in order to invade the Imugis' Itir fortress.

In another room where Reana is waiting, a maid offers her a hot drink. The maid turns out to be Janna, Kaneta's Akoom slave who was last seen in Terreh. She now dons a maid outfit rather than the slave clothes; her Akoom ears have now become round, gving her a human appearance. A little girl with short, curly blonde hair and peridot green eyes suddenly walks into the room. Before Janna takes Elise (the little girl's name) back to her room, the child sees Reana and runs toward her, calling her 'mama' as she jumps into her arms.

After Reihart nearly convinces the general with his plan, Laiden still questions whether the army should trust a prince who not only has gone missing, but doesn't know the whereabouts of his own "incapable Killavin subordinates", let alone suddenly appear with a woman (Reana); Reihart retorts that his son, Lupenin, is in fact a competent soldier. Reihart invites the general to board the ship if the commanding officer feels the obligation to—since the future of the kingdom and humans are now at risk of annihilation.

Laiden tells the prince that the airship's construction won't start without its researcher, Professor Forté, to overlook its development; she was previously abducted by the Black Chains and is held in one of their headquarters. Laiden will commence a rescue operation in a short while.

Reihart then heads to where Reana is and finds her taking care of a little girl. The little girl is deathly frightened of him but is comforted by Reana. As Reihart witnesses a brief moment of Reana genuinely smiling, Kaneta appears with an anxious Janna by her side and explains to the prince that the child is his half-sister Elise Frihanov, the only female in succession to the throne, and asks for his mercy. A perplexed look is seen on Reihart's face.


  • Brac Laiden makes his first official appearance.
  • Elise Frihanov is the first female Frihanov to officially appear in the webtoon.
  • Janna (now having lost her Akoom traits) makes a reappearance since Episode 3.


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