Karinicon "It seems we have an intruder, Mugi. I think discipline and a slave collar should do."
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Ch.142 - Yusladipol Harbor (7)
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Korean 142화 항구 유스라디플 7
Season 2
Chapter 142
Release Date December 17, 2014
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Karin, along with a couple of Salmaks (Tagi as one of them), overlooks Yusladipol Harbor from afar. Thinking that Mugi might be there, she declares to go alone. Tagi denies her to go as she is not permitted for independent action; he will go with her instead in human robes. Irritated, Karin shouts at him to do whatever he wants.

Days later after the ordeal with the Mirage Beasts, Reihart, now carrying Reana on his shoulders, finally rests in an abandoned shack. Thanks to the Revolver's powers, Reihart's (anew) Contractor abilities allows him to move in the snow with little difficulty thus are progressing faster to their destination; Reana notes of how he is not tired at all despite continuously travelling for three days. When she asks how he knew the revolver was a Dragon Artifact, he tells her that Contractors can sense an Artifact's power by touch. He allows her to see the Artifact that Kairak secretly enchanted. Though he mistakes Reana wanting to commit suicide again when she absently reaches out (though for the Flame Veils rather than for the revolver), she denies it and tells him she only wanted to see the Flame Veils.

Reihart ponders why he is not mentally fatigued from using the Revolver despite exceeding the human limit. He remembers the difference of contract requirements between general and named Dragon Artifacts—general Artifacts challenges a person to perform an action using the Artifact while named Artifacts demands the user to have a strong level of desire or determination. The Lance of Zainarak, for example, craves for 'anger' when assaulting enemies. Reihart concludes that the activation for the Revolver is having the 'genuine heart' for Reana's protection.

Sometime later before they arrive at their destination, Karin unexpectedly assaults them.


  • The appearance of Kairak in this chapter is not official; the swirling Flame Veils surrounding Reana made Reihart imagine the dragon wrapping his arms around his Riyenas.
  • This chapter would make Reihart and Karin's first encounter in the webtoon.


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