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Ch.141 - Yusladipol Harbor (6)
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Korean 141화 항구 유스라디플 6
Season 2
Chapter 141
Release Date December 10, 2014
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Ch.140 - Yusladipol Harbor (5)
Ch.142 - Yusladipol Harbor (7)


The highwaymen are eaten by the Mirage Beasts. Though Reihart and Reana are surrounded by them, the Beasts do not eat them immediately—rather, the Beasts are mocking them. Trying to fight them off one by one, Reihart instructs Reana to run, however he is shocked to see her unmotivated, remembering her words from earlier of being discarded if considered useless. He is then shoved against a tree while the rest of the Beasts encircle Reana.

Just when Reihart decides and think he can activate the revolver, he suddenly remembers West Stravin's words from years ago about the consequences of failing to activate named Dragon Artifacts. Not only does Reihart doubt whether he can activate the Artifact, but he also starts to wonder if aiding Reana was also a part of Eren's manipulation.

Reihart then has a vision of his late brother's last words; though he still does not understand them, he becomes firm about not allowing Reana to die in front of him. He then unexpectedly awakens the Revolver of Kairak for the first time and exterminates the Beasts with one shot.

Reana notices blue Flame Veils and looks up to see Reihart holding the Revolver in front of her.


  • West Stravin, Eren Rochard and Lexion Frihanov Latorio appear in Reihart's flashbacks.
  • The Revolver of Kairak activates as a Dragon Artifact for the first time.


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