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Ch.140 - Yusladipol Harbor (5)
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Korean 140화 항구 유스라디플 5
Season 2
Chapter 140
Release Date December 03, 2014
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Ch.139 - Yusladipol Harbor (4)
Ch.141 - Yusladipol Harbor (6)


As Reihart goes through the belongings of the dead wanderer, Reana voices her opinion of taking dead people's possessions as a wrong thing to do. This leads to a brief discussion of what they think humanity should do in a crisis as they walk in the snow; Reana believes that humans must aid one another, though Reihart scoffs at her perspective saying that people become greedier for survival. He tells her that if she were alone in a situation like this and was found by a group of people, they would sell her, her young and pretty looks fetching a lot of money.

As they continue to walk, Reana hears faint booming noises from afar; Reihart tells her that it is the sound of giants (Urum) destroying an inhabited region nearby; many places have been deserted because of the news of giants quickly demolishing populous areas. This shocks Reana, as she believed the Urum are not the harmful type.

The two finally arrive at their midpoint location—the cabin of the Cabo region's ranger. Reihart notices the fresh footprints in the lodging are not of the ranger's. Two men approach them and state they are the only residents, however Reihart quickly deduces that they are highwaymen with more in hiding; he shoots one of them before he hides in the trees, taking Reana with him. As the highwaymen look for them, their scuffle unluckily attracts a nearby herd of Mirage Beasts.


  • Reihart makes a hit on Reana for the first time.
  • The Urum are mentioned for the first time since Season 1's Episode 2.
  • One of the men from the cabin asks if Reana and Reihart are a couple since they're alone; Reana is aghast by the assumption, while Reihart does not hear it since he is analyzing the situation.


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