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This article contains content that have yet to appear in the scanlations. Spoilers beware.
Ch.139 - Yusladipol Harbor (4)
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Korean 139화 항구 유스라디플 4
Season 2
Chapter 139
Release Date November 26, 2014
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Ch.138 - Yusladipol Harbor (3)
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After Reihart changes Reana's decision to switch into different clothes (stolen clothes in Reana's perspective), Reihart tells her what their plan is—in order to infiltrate the Imugi's floating stronghold, Itir, they must have an airship; the only place to create an airship is Yusladipol Harbor, so the port would be their first destination. He also explains about how her body is in its current state, concluding that her soul is temporarily attached to Ras's crystal necklace. They then depart in the blizzard.

As they walk, Reihart tries to continue explaining how he had to hide Reana's body but is interrupted when they suddenly come across a wanderer being eaten by a savage Mirage Beast. The beast notices the two and goes after them. Though with a bit of difficulty, Reihart defeats it in close combat using hunting knives, unknowingly impressing Reana with his skills.

Reana asks him where his Lance Artifact is; he answers that it got taken away from him, therefore his strength is now no different than a normal human's. Reana tries to ask more questions—where the Killavins are, why he is alone—but he ignores them and continues to walk in the snow.


  • Though it is shown throughout the series that Earthside has its own alphabet, Weol depicts Reihart writing in Korean for the readers to understand what he wrote for their plan.
  • This is the first time we are shown of Reihart's close combat skills without a Dragon Artifact.


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