Karinicon "It seems we have an intruder, Mugi. I think discipline and a slave collar should do."
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Ch.138 - Yusladipol Harbor (3)
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Korean 138화 항구 유스라디플 3
Season 2
Chapter 138
Release Date November 19, 2014
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Ch.137 - Yusladipol Harbor (2)
Ch.139 - Yusladipol Harbor (4)


Imugi are now in dominance, vicious Mirage Beasts are running wild, and a perpetual blizzard has now fallen onto the kingdom.

Karin overlooks the country from Itir, which has now become a floating fortress thanks to Kairak's Dragon Pearl. Because of the shock and grievance of losing his Riyenas, the Imugis took the advantage and sealed his Pearl on top of Itir's tower. The Imugis are now stronger than before with the Elders commanding an army of Mirage Beasts to pillage every human settlement they could find.

Now Reana's ally, Reihart tells her that he will take her to Itir where Kairak is to stop the disasters. Reana, with a resentful expression, tells him that she will forever hate him, of which Reihart accepts.



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