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Ch.136 - Yusladipol Harbor (1)
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Korean 136화 항구 유스라디플 1
Season 2
Chapter 136
Release Date November 05, 2014
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Ch.135 - Dark (Second Part)
Ch.137 - Yusladipol Harbor (2)


Somewhere, a storm is happening within the kingdom. Reana, in a weak spirit form, finds herself shivering in an unknown cold territory. As she is looking for warmth, an orange glow draws near her. She embraces the warm glow. Recognizing the warm glow as 'a source of life', she calls out Kairak's name thinking it is him, only she wakes up to find herself in a cabin embracing the prince instead.

Confused and frightened as to what is going on, Reana believes that it is the afterlife and that she is currently being punished. She finds the door to the cabin and hurriedly escapes. Reihart tries to warn her that the night is dangerous to wander out. When he grabs her shoulder, she violently shakes him off and screams with a terrified expression, tears trickling from her face. She suddenly loses consciousness from moving too strenuously and nearly drops on the snowy ground before Reihart catches her.

He then looks at what seems to be a floating fortress with a glowing light from afar and questions whether if it's even possible to go up there in their current state.


  • Reana wakes up with white hair which is the result of her coming back to life; Vero was only able to recover a portion of her hair when he was anchoring her soul onto Earth thus it is short.


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