Ch.104 - Capital Hollan: Collapse (1)
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Korean 104화 홀란 : 붕괴 1
Season 1
Chapter 104
Release Date December 11, 2013
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Chapter 106 - Hollan - Collapse (3)


Reana and Kairak visit the Capital's Art Museum as Reana suspects that the director could be the source of the Parasitoid that killed her father. As they are waiting, an unknown woman arrives to visit the director as well. She notices the close relationship between Reana and Kairak and expresses her jealousy. As the director arrives, the woman asks Reana if she could see him first to which Reana agrees. Inside the office, the director gives her an identical sceptre to the one she stole from the King. As the director heard about her close relationship with Prince Reihart, he asks her about his son's (the Dragon Knight who killed Reana's father) desertion. He does not get an answer as the woman stabs him. 

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

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