Ch.100 - Capital Hollan: Festival (10)
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Korean 100화 홀란 : 축제 10
Season 1
Chapter 100
Release Date November 13, 2013
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Chapter 99 - Hollan - Festival (9)
Chapter 101 - Hollan - Festival (END)


As Reana and Kairak return to the hotel, they meet Mamagi and Mamarin on the way to their rooms. The Imugi inform Reana that she's going to share a room with Kairak. Thus, the Dragon reassures her that she doesn't have to worry about any potential danger because he doesn't sleep. Inside the room, Reana collapses on the floor (now that she is aware of Kairak's feelings, she feels more self-conscious around him). Kairak lifts her off the floor and carries her to a bed, where he proceeds to kiss her. Meanwhile, the two Imugi discus the requirements to become a Riyenas. Only beings with a desire to become a Riyenas can become one, then the one with the strongest desire is chosen by a Dragon. The Imugi realise that the situation is opposite in Kairak and Reana's case. Thus, it's impossible to obtain the position of the Dragon's Riyenas because he loves Reana.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

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