Ch.09 - Riyenas (9)
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Korean 9화 리옌나스 9
Season 1
Chapter 9
Release Date February 2, 2012
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Ch.08 - Riyenas (8)
Ch.10 - Riyenas (10)

Summary Edit

The chapter opens with Reana working at the factory, she comments on how good she had been feeling lately and comes the conclusion it was because of the dragon pearl. Reana helps her dad load up for his deliveries, while she stays behind to look after the factory. The workers comment on how other factories have already closed for the day due to the parade. Reana decides to close as well so everonee can go, Kairak whom was watching as always, ask why she wasntt going as well. She comments that it will be too hard for him, and he suddenly demands that they go. Meanwhile, at the parade the parisoid searches for the Forte Factory and Reana and Kairak enjoy the celebrations. Reana's dad comes back at the factory really late and looks at a photo soon after the parisoid shows up.

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Reana FortéKairakUnknown ContractorReihart Frihanov CantaréDidanRoy FortéReana FortéKairakUnknown ContractorReihart Frihanov CantaréDidanRoy Forté