Ch.08 - Riyenas (8)
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Korean 8화 리옌나스 8
Season 1
Chapter 8
Release Date January 26, 2012
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Summary Edit

Reana and Kairak walk outside to relax after work to see that Mirage Beast Hunters are leaving town after the trade season. The hotel keeper, a friend of Reanas, says that the Hunters are good business but secretive.

The pair walks to a waffle stand to eat and after Reana grabs their meal Kairak makes an awkward, grabby reach for her hand. He misses her hand and flails for a moment, confused. He resumes staring at her instead, choosing not to ask for her hand.

Reana decides to walk further to see the decorations up around town meant for the festival. She starts to do errands on the walk. She buys some Python Tea for her father.

Soon she starts taking Kairak on a tour. The first thing she shows him has to do with the mechanics she loves, her towns new train station. Reana talks about how great it is that the town has rail transport now.

The rest of Reanas tour is a montage of the pair meeting cats on stone paths and passing the lords castle before ending in a shop where Reana dresses Kairak in various hats.

The sun is setting when Reana brings Kairak to the towns old Dragon Temple, where people place rock towers for good luck.

Reana makes a rock tower and wishes that Didan and Kairak have a peaceful, happy stay at her home. Didan scoffs at her wish, saying its generic but Reana retorts that kind thoughts count.

As the sun sets Kairak unexpectedly builds a rock tower as well and says that he wishes that all of Reanas wishes will come true. Reana feels a bit awkward and tells him to wish for something that he wants.

Kairak thinks about his new choice while staring at Reana as she fixes her hair.

Didan mumbles that he has to watch and make sure Kairak is not influenced by humans.

A man, who is really a parasite monster in a knight suit, asks for metal guild locations. He finds Reanas guild right away and begins closing in on Reanas village.

Its night back at Reana's house and she washes dishes with Kairak and, after saying goodnight to everyone, goes to her room and prays for every day to be this peaceful.


  • Mirage Beast Hunters make their first appearance in this chapter.
  • The Python brand makes an appearance in this chapter whilst the Rochard brand is mentioned.


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