Ch.07 - Riyenas (7)
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Korean 7화 리옌나스 7
Season 1
Chapter 7
Release Date January 19, 2012
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Ch.06 - Riyenas (6)
Ch.08 - Riyenas (8)

Summary Edit

Reana and Kairak began working in the factory. Many workers comment on the new mysterious "young master" who is quiet but an extremely fast worker. Reanas friends from other workshops visit.

Meanwhile, Reana peacefully engraves a revolver meant to be given to the new head commander-in-chief of the Great Plains Expedition. When Kairak finishes early he startles Reana by suddenly appearing behind her to watch her work.

While Reana talks to her father, Kairak secretly enchants the gun, making it into a dragon artifact. Roy tells the two that they can explore the town and relax because they have both finished work.

Kairak and Reana leave the shop.

Trivia Edit

  • The new head commander-in-chief who Reana mentions is Reihart Frihanov Cantaré.


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