Ch.05 - Riyenas (5)
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Korean 5화 리옌나스 5
Season 1
Chapter 5
Release Date January 1, 2012
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This chapter starts off with Reana giving the reader a little backstory, saying that when she first arrived at the campsite, she saw a small slab of Zeolite with a winged creature on it. According to her father, this creature was a dragon and the slab was left over from an ancient civilization.Reana goes into how the old land dwellers believed these were gods and praying to the dragons were a habit the people in the campsite had grown into. She never really believed one could exist. Reana replies to Didan's question from the previous chapter, saying she doesn't know much, saying she always thought they were imaginary... until now, that is.

She says that she does know of a dragon vessel and she clarifies, that as a craftsman, she's never seen one before. Reana then adds that is illegal to own one, so the chance of meeting one is slim. Didan asks Reana about how much she knows about dragon vessels. Reana answers that it is a vessel which contains dragon powers, and with a contract, a person can weild this weapon. A weapon, which exceeds all human imagination.

Didan then goes in to explain the powers of vessel, stating that after all this time, they still seem to be extraordinary. He then says that a Dragon has the power to alter the world, causing massive destruction with nature and are as simple as breathing for dragons. Dragons, are beings so powerful, that the laws of the world cannot comprehend it.

Reana seems to be a bit confused by this, and overwhelmed, thinking about how Kairak, a weak child, could be that powerful. Didan continues explaining, saying that another aspect is mentality. Dragons are originally pure minds, meaning that they don't just belong in one place, building and creating other worlds. When the dragons determine that a world has matured enough to support life, they leave for another world.

Reana is still somewhat confused, asking Didan as to why they leave and Didan replies that it is because there is nothing for them to do anymore. Reana asks why Kairak is alone and why there are no more adult dragons. Didan explains that dragons are minds, rather then physical beings, which makes them fall prey to the poison and contamination of human stress, which is why Dragons leave after the first intelligent life force appears in a world. Didan says that Kairak is the last dragon on earth.

Reana then gets worried and straightens her posture, asking if Kairak is all alone. Didan replies yes, which is why it is his goal to see his master mature and leave this world. Reana is saddened by this and resolves to help them in any way she can.

The next day, Kairak wakes up and they all return to the village together and Kairak  is staying in Reana's old brothers room, her not being aware that he doesn't sleep. She notices that Kairak is staring at her, which makes her uncomfortable and asks him to stop. She then says that Kairak is a nice person, which is why the villagers welcomed him. As she prepares his bed, Kairak says "thank you" to Reana's complement, making Reana somewhat surprised.

Meanwhile, two soldiers stumble upon Kairak's nest.



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