Ch.03 - Riyenas (3)
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Korean 3화 리옌나스 3
Season 1
Chapter 3
Release Date December 22, 2011
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Ch.02 - Riyenas (2)
Ch.04 - Riyenas (4)

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Reana awakens from the nightmare, where a fading voice asks her what she desires one more time before she opens her eyes. She is laying in a lush forest streaked with yellow and pink light. She is confused because the sun is up, meaning that she slept for a long time. 

She rises to gather her items and leave but is then stunned to see someone is holding her hand. She feels groggy and cannot decide on the persons gender. Then she asks the person if they waited for her to wake up, hinting that they should let go of her hand now. 

The person presses closer and tells her that they can't survive without her and asks her to be with them very politely. Reana does not respond for a moment and is again confused. Not responding to the request, she notices a marking on her hand that wasn't there originally and that the stranger is still holding it.

There is a silence that goes on and on as Reana tries to figure out the situation. She has never seen this child before (whoever they look much younger than her) and wonders where the enormous bird that turned out to be a dragon had gone. She asks the child where the "big bird" went.

She mentions its aqua eyes and freezes, noting that the childs eyes are the same color. Suddenly a tiny spirit small enough to fit on Reanas palm appears and thanks her for saving his master.

Reanas eyes bulge and she wiggles in a quick panic, which detaches her hand from the childs grip. Reana notes that the child seems displeased with their hands detached.

Reana decides to address to tiny spirit, saying she knows it was he who gave her the instructions to help the dragon. She asks if the dragon is safe now. The spirit, named Didan, tells her he is right next to her.

Reana turns to look in every direction but the clearing is empty exept for the child and Didan. She gestures to the child while staring at Didan, eyes wide. Didan then decides that it is time to introduce the two.

He says that the child is Lord Kairak, the dragon that she saved.

Without a second to lose Reana gets up wishes them well and begins to walk out of the clearing.

Before she can leave the clearing Didan loudly begs for Reana to let them come to the human town with her. In fact he says that, sadly, they must come with her. Reana stays and Didan explains that Kairaks power source, the dragon pearl, had fused to her hand during the healing. Didan says it can be removed at the end of the year when Kairak leaves this planet to meet the other dragons.

Reana says they can stay with her until it's time for them to leave and seems genuinely pleased to have guests. However Didans thoughts are nefarious, he means to use Reanas home as a hiding place for the dragon. Didan is also displeased that the Dragon Pearl fused with her.

Reana steps forward to shake hands with Kairak.

As she does a flashback voice asks if she should have left Kairak to suffer.

Kairak takes her hand and presses it to his face and for a moment swirling teal light wraps around them. He says that he was given life from her as Reana wonders if their cultures greetings are different.

As the light swirls the flashback returns. Showing a strange vision.

It is very dark and shows a cut of someone smiling. The image becomes clearer and shows that someone grinning from ear to ear as fire burns the land. The sky is black with storm clouds and forks of lightning reveal a ruined landscape. Blood pools around his feet and his clothing is tattered. The building he stands in has been destroyed and more blood leaks from large cracks in the structure and is splattered around the room. White smoke rises to the dark sky. Large horns wrap around his head and his hair drags to the ground. Strangest of all the mans arm is stretched out towards something and he tells Reana.

"...It is yours."

Then the vision shows the same man again, still smiling. He is pulling Reana towards something, leaning towards her. She is walking with him, her eyes are focused on something behind him. Reana is reaching forward, her arm out towards something the panel cuts out. As she walks the mans cloak is curling around her.

The voice says that it would not have changed the choice if it had been given the chance to.

The vision fades and present Reana begins to cry and touches her face to catch the tears. Kairak is confused and lowers her hand from his face.

The voice says that it must now bear the consequences of its choice and fades to black.

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