Ch.02 - Riyenas (2)
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Korean 2화 리옌나스 2
Season 1
Chapter 2
Release Date December 15, 2011
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Ch.01 - Riyenas (1)
Ch.03 - Riyenas (3)


After saying 'purify', Reana immediately gets a headache and faints.

She wakes up in an unknown blue space feeling weak; in front of her is a large hole resembling a pond.

The pond flashes and a man suddenly materializes from the pond. He kneels in front of her and kisses her left hand, his face is hidden in darkness.  Startled by his appearance, Reana comments how she can breathe again and begins to ask him for direction before he abruptly transforms into a glowing sphere. Without warning, Reana's left hand grabs the bead on its own and it merges into her hand. This action drags Reana into the pond and slowly sinks down as she loses consciousness.

Reana finds herself in a vision of her past when her parents divorced.  She hears people gossiping of it eventually happening and that the genius mother and son would leave the normal life behind.  Voices begin whispering to Reana of being abandoned for not being good enough and that money, power or fame could have stopped the divorce.

When a clone of her younger self asks what her desires are, Reana answers that she always knew her mother valued work the most. Though she admits holding a bit of resentment of her mother's decisions, Reana remarks that everyone has different values and that she is content with the current life she shares with her father. Thus, she desires nothing but that.

The spirit making this vision, Didan, watches over the events as her memories goes by. As Reana rests on the forest floor, a strange boy with black hair watches over her.

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