Ch.00 - Prologue
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Korean 예고편
Season 1
Chapter 00
Release Date December 1, 2011
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Ch.01 - Riyenas (1)


The chapter begins with a depiction of Dragons, majestic beings of mythology that have the power to change the weather, reform the lands and can decide the fate of all living things just from a bodily motion. If a human were to take possession of its power, they will exceed all humans.

A man wearing a red cape and hat travels into the woods and comes across a magnificent-looking tree. As he draws near it, he realizes there is a barrier protecting it and smirks as he states that whatever he is looking for was hiding there and draws a glowing sword. When the sword does not break through the barrier, the assailant opens up a small yellow box that emits red and black miasma and has it touch the barrier. The barrier begins to break, and another man beyond it yells for his young master to escape.

Somewhere nearby, a young girl comments to her father of how the weather is perfect for gliding. She turns back, noticing something strange about the wind.

The assailant is seen assaulting the young master, demanding him to give him the dragon pearl while the young girl, now wandering in the woods, notices that something is wrong.

The next scene shows her meeting the black haired young master as he falls onto her lap. The narration details her as the girl who faced the last dragon on earth.

Trivia Edit

  • This chapter is the prologue of the entire Abide in the Wind webtoon series and the first chapter overall.


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