Branch of Light
Branch of light
Item Information
Owner(s) Luna Forté
Type Wand
Element Light
Abilities Create a small force field surrounding the user and those behind them.

Shoot energies of light.

Contract unknown
Season 2
Chapter Ch.154 - Yusladipol Harbor (19)

Overview Edit

Branch of Light appears to be a brown wand-like branch. Its core glows a bright yellow-coloured light at the rounded area of the top. Luna keeps it hidden within her coat.

Appearance Edit

It appears to be a branch fashioned as a wand, and glows a bright light when in use.

Abilities Edit

Branch of Light is capable of creating a force field against powerful attacks, protecting its Contractor and those behind them from harm.

It's also capable of shooting energies of light out as an offensive attack.

Contract Requirements Edit


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