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Brac Laiden
Biographical Information
Korean 브락 라이덴
Occupation Earl (presumably)
Head General
Head of the Laiden family
Status Alive
Physical Traits
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Pale Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Family Lupenin Laiden (son and heir)

Unknown Wife

Affiliation West Stravin
Tashia Rochard
Reihart Frihanov Cantaré
Season 2
Chapter Ch.107 - Capital Hollan: Collapse (4) (Season 1; voice only)
Ch.145 - Yusladipol Harbor (10)

Head General Brac Laiden (브락 라이덴, Beurak Raiden) is the current head of the noble Laiden family, one of the kingdom's top three retainer families and is a prominent figure in the kingdom.  He is a close aide to King Pahel, second to West Stravin.  He is also Captain Lupenin's father.

Appearance Edit

Warning: This tab contain spoilers from the Korean Version of Abide in the Wind

During his first appearance in Abide in the Wind (Season 2), Laiden pretends to be a frail old man but is in fact a fearsome old geezer.  Despite his old age, he is still a robust and powerful man.

Laiden is the only close retainer of the king's of not receiving an everlasting youthful appearance, thus has been aging normally his entire life.

Personality Edit

Warning: This tab contain spoilers from the Korean Version of Abide in the Wind

Upon meeting Prince Reihart, he pretends to have a frail health in order to know what kind of response the prince will give.  Laiden has a fierce loyalty to the kingdom as he easily gets agitated into anger when he mistakens Reihart wanting to flee the country after mentioning Professor Forté's flying ship, "Brunhart".

He has an ill habit of throwing objects at his son's head in an enraging manner whenever he is discontent with his son's actions.

History Edit

Plot Edit

Season 1 Episode 6:  Hollan - CollapseEdit

Season 2 Episode 8:  Yusladipol HarborEdit

Season 2 Episode 9:  Great Plains Edit

Abilities Edit

Although never shown what he is capable of, since the other two main retainer families' heads (Stravin and Rochard) are Contractors, it is strongly believed (by fans) that Laiden is also one.  He is also the only retainer of the three to be a soldier and have a family.

Relationships Edit

Captain Lupenin Laiden - His only son and heir to the family. 

Duke West Stravin - A colleague.  Stravin deals with organizing the kingdom as Brac deals with the battles.  It was Stravin who told Laiden that Reihart is a Contractor.

King Loenkant Frihanov Pahel - A close aide to the king, second to Stravin.

Marchioness Tashia Rochard - A colleague.  Not much is known between the two.

Prince Reihart Frihanov Cantaré - Reihart remembers him as being the physically strongest of the three retainer families.

Trivia Edit

  • Has an (ill) habit of throwing objects at his son's head whenever he is displeased by him.
  • Being eighty-nine years old, he is younger than Stravin by three years.

Quotes Edit

  • "It seems that growing old in the military is making me hear strange things; a member of the royal family saying he wants to escape the country..."