Bow of Rahutanoks
Bow of rahutanoks
Item Information
Owner(s) Dark
Type Recurve Bow
Element Darkness
Abilities Tranfer hit targets to a dark space
Contract The protection of a Riyenas
Season 1
Chapter Ch.29 - Forest of Blue Mirage Beasts (11)

The Bow of Rahutanoks (라흐타녹스의 활, Raheutanokseuui Hwal) is a named Dragon Artifact created for the Akoom and is the most powerful of the Guide types. It can transport any target it hits to dark space.


Centuries ago when the dragon Rahutanoks chose his Riyenas from the Akoom race, he feared for his Riyenas' life. He then created the Bow for an ideal Akoom warrior to protect his Riyenas.

When focusing on a target, the Contractor draws an arrow made of Flame Veils from the core when pulling its bowstring. The bowstring are also made of Flame Veils and only appear when in position to aim.


The Bow of Rahutanoks is a traditional recurve bow that is entirely black in color. The grip and site window are wrapped with leather cords. No bowstring is present. The upper and lower limbs are connected to the core with the lower limb slightly longer than the upper limb.

Bow core

The core of Bow of Rahutanoks

The core is located at the center of the Bow where the arrow rest is. Unlike the other named Dragon Artifacts, the Bow's core is completely black in color.


  • Teleportation:  Not only can it transfer the Contractor to their desired location, but it is also capable to transfer a group of people to places the Contractor has been. It has been hinted that the Artifact can move a mountain from one place to another.
  • Dark Space:  When the Contractor hits a target or object, it is immediately transferred to an unknown dark space. Whether the arrows hit an inanimate object or a limb, once something is touched by its Flame Veil arrows, that portion will immediately be taken there.
  • Aura Sensitivity:  It is assumed that the Contractor is given hyper senses to auras related to Dragons.

Contract RequirementsEdit

When the Bow of Rahutanoks was created, the creator specifically stated in its contract conditions that the user must be an exemplary champion devoted to protect his Riyenas. After the Akoom civilization fell due to the Imugi's plot, the contract was then modified to protect any Riyenas present.


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