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Biographical Information
Korean 비라무
Occupation Mirage Beast Hunter
Status Presumed dead
Physical Traits
Race Imugi
Gender Female
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Yellow
Affiliation Ise (partner)
Raggi (partner)
Abilities Contractor
Equipment Comb of Injections
Season 1
Chapter Ch.08 - Riyenas (8) (brief cameo)

Ch.22 - Forest of Blue Mirage Beasts (4) (cameo)
Ch.26 - Forest of Blue Mirage Beasts (8)

Biramu (비라무, Bilamu) is a Mirage Beast Hunter who travels with the other Imugi.


Biramu is a upbeat and bubbly Imugi.


Biramu has short pink hair which curls inwards at the bottom, olive skin, and yellow eyes with two pair of smaller eyes above her brows and on her cheeks. She wears a green camouflage outfit with mahogany and khaki patches, dim grey turtle neck shirt, black pants, and pair of combat boots.



Season 1 Episode 1:  Riyenas Edit

Biramu appears in a short cameo at Middle with Ise as enigmatic Mirage Beast Hunters, wearing their gears and their hood to cover their faces.  They are leaving quickly before soldiers from the Dorton Expedition would arrive in town.

Season 1 Episode 2:  Forest of Blue Mirage BeastsEdit

Biramu made a brief appearance with Ise as she notifies him that the Mirage Beast Hunters will departure to the village soon.

Season 1 Episode 3:  Labyrinth of TerreEdit



Ise -

Karin Kirin -

Mugi Kirin

Raggi -

Ralton Elias -


  • Biramu ends her dialogue with a star suffix. (Ex: What are you doing? ★[1])



  1. Abide in the Wind Chapter 22

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