Armor of Altum
Item Information
Owner(s) Mugi (formerly) • Charin (formerly)
Type Armor
Element Earth
Abilities Protect its Contractor in a shield
Contract unknown
Season 1
Chapter Ch.26 - Forest of Blue Mirage Beasts (8)

The Armor of Altum (알툼의 갑주, Altumui Gapju)  is one of the treasured named Dragon Artifacts of the Imugi.

Overview Edit

Appearance Edit


  • Aura Sensitivity:  The Contractor can sense a Dragon Pearl at a distance and pinpoint who carries it.
  • Space Distortion:  The Armor is able to distort the space around the Contractor to teleport to another location.  This ability can expand to transfer others within its range.

Contract Requirements Edit

The Armor of Altum is the only named Dragon Artifact that hasn't revealed what its contract requirements are.


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