Physical Pointy ears
Other Black slave collar

Ragged clothing

Season 1
Chapter Ch.19 - Forest of Blue Mirage Beasts (1)
 Akoom (아쿰, Akum) are one of the first few races to appear in the New Continent. They are the origins and ancestors of present humans. Currently they are currently enslaved by humans despite being the origin of humanity.


Akoom slaves can be restrained by a pull string attached to their slave collars, which chokes them. They are stronger and faster than any human. Before humans came they were a powerful race who were represented by a dragon named Rahutanoks, the dragon of darkness. Akoom could also become Riyenas, which allowed the race to gain more power by creating weapons. They lost power when humans came because Rahutanok was corrupted by them. Rahutanoks Riyenas had been turned into a human in a process called "humanization". The Akoom feared this condition because there is no way to turn back into an Akoom. The Riyenas fled because as a weak human she was no longer fit to be Riyenas. After this the Akoom had less power so were chased from their cities. They distrust and fear humans today with only a select few Akooms being treated well by their masters.

Appearance Edit

Although their appearance is that of an average human's, the only difference is their pointed ears. Most are shown to have dark colored traits (hair, eyes). It is rare for an Akoom to have white hair.

They are known to have inhuman strength, and are lot stronger than a human. They do, however, fall easily ill to human sickness.


The slave collars are black with a pull string, attached to the collar, to choke and prevent the Akooms from moving. It connects with the other black braces on their arms and legs.

Most slaves are dressed in brown rags, to signify their status as a slave. One exception known as Dark, an Akoom assassin, is dressed in proper attire and does not wear a black slave collar that normal Akoom slaves wear.  

Some Akoom owned by slave traders are accessories for their masters at parties, as well as being body guards to their masters.  

History Edit


Akooms, long before the Empire took over the major parts of the Old Continent, were the second species known to become a Dragon's Riyenas due to their notable kind-heartedness.

Human PopulationEdit